About La Forme…

  • Who we are

    Laforme Softwares is a business solutions provider for SME industries who require intensive data management and storage to efficiently run the corporation. To meet business challenges in the future, a powerful combination of technology with the business operation is critical. La Forme offers the expertise to develop a unified data model customized to ĎABCís business that gathers...

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  • Why La Forme

    Normally, The legacy packages provide isolated solutions for specific business activities rather than the whole enterprise. This technology was cutting edge in the 90ís where introduction of computers into the business operations was in the nascent stages in India and also a new concept to many SME industries. With enhancements in technology and computers becoming...

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Our Goal is to build an excellent reputation and credibility as reliable, competitive and efficient service provider in Software Industry.

We request your patronage to enable us to serve you with our best and prompt services.

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